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    Care Management
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    When you are facing a medical challenge, whether a new or existing condition, it’s nice to have a team help you navigate to better health. WESTMED offers patients a Care Management program to at no cost to the patient. Care Management can help you better manage a chronic condition or guide you to making a healthy lifestyle changes. When your health is well controlled, you feel good and can participate in the activities you really want and need to do.

    Care Managers work with patients to develop goals to improve patient’s understanding of their condition so patients can make the behavior changes and health lifestyle changes to keep them healthy. By empowering yourself to take control and improve your health you can transform your life.

    Two major goals of the program are to improve the patient’s role in self-care, health and wellness and to reduce his/her readmission to a hospital.

    What Exactly Does a Care Manager Do?

    The care manager works as a patient’s coach and supporter, providing medically supervised education and lifestyle change suggestions on the topics of nutrition, weight management, fitness and education. He or she helps patients sift through the maze of complex decision making that can arise from dealing with chronic and complex diseases.

    Scope of services:

    • Work with patients and doctors to educate the patient and his/her caregivers on the particular illness the patient has. This helps the patient understand what is happening and how to develop an action plan to address health issues.
    • Help patient’s maneuver through the healthcare system and identify community resources to get necessary medical assistance. Coordinate services associated with the various stages of the patient’s treatment and recuperation.
    • Help the patient cope with the unexpected and help him/her make informed decisions. Provide ongoing support until the patient is on the path to recovery. This helps the patient to avoid exacerbation of his/her disease and unnecessary hospitalization
    • Facilitate communication with the patient’s health insurance plan or provide information on community resources.

    Who Pays for Care Management Services?

    There is no charge for WESTMED’s Care Management services. WESTMED supports best practice medicine by practicing team-based, care educating and empowering our patients to improve their health. Our practice is pleased to provide our patients this innovative wellness and disease management program as part of our comprehensive services,

    If you would like to see a care manager at WESTMED, ask your doctor for a referral or contact them directly.