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WESTMED Medical Group physicians
are pleased to be affiliated with:

White Plains Hospital

Greenwich Hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital

1 Theall Road
Rye, NY 10580
Rye Beach Pharmacy

210 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY 10604

Company History

April 2011
Dr. Alissa Mark joins Drs. Alan Jaffe, Andrew Francella, Jennifer Kaufman and Hashem J. Hashem as a gastroenterologist at 210 Westchester Avenue.

June 2011
The pediatric practice of Drs. Lon Easton, Ronald London, Monica Rieckhoff and Fara Vitale, formerly Throgs Neck Pediatrics, becomes part of WESTMED on June 15, with offices at 3594 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx.

Devi Thangavelu, MD joins Drs. James Ehrlich and Jonathan Finegold as a full-time gastroenterologist at One Pondfield Road, Bronxville.

July 2011
Diana Mateus, DO joins the urgent care team at 1 Theall Rd., 210 Westchester and ultimately Ridge Hill.

WESTMED’s new full-service office at Westchester’s Ridge Hill at 73 Market Street in Yonkers opens. Physician move-ins are in 3 phases:

Phase 1 - (July 1) Drs. Steven Kubersky, Richard Morel, Bradford Schiller and Jessica Halprin, internal medicine; Dr. Arleen Sharpe, family practice; Dr. Lawrence Annes, internal medicine/cardiology; Dr. Michael Cushner, orthopedics; Dr. Stephen Andrus, physical medicine and rehabilitation; and Dr. Cy Blanco, interventional pain management. Drs. Cushner, Andrus and Blanco continue to see patients at 210 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, as well.

Phase 2 – (August 1): Drs. Jerry Campanella, Ronald Dennett, Michael Contillo and Steve DiCairano, internists; the pediatrics practice of Drs. Thomas Angello, Tara Harrington, Lenore Katkin and John Urzi; the gastroenterology practice of Drs. James Ehrlich, Jonathan Finegold and Devi Thangavelu; and the neurology practice of Drs. Athanasios Dousmanis, Cordelia Schwarz and Ronald Silverman.

Phase 3 – (September 1) The OB/GYN practice of Drs. Jordan Hirsch, Joshua Waldman and Paula Brignoni-Blume and Donna Field, CNM; the cardiology practice of Drs. Mitchell Fishbach, Gary Gabelman, Gabriela Grasa, Douglas Hart, Anthony Mercando and Diana Barbara, NP; and Dr. Robert Armbruster, OB/GYN.

The practice of Drs. Harry Weinstein, rheumatologist, and Paul Weinstein, critical care and internal medicine, becomes part of WESTMED on July 18. They remain at their offices at 1075 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, until their move to Ridge Hill in October.

George M. Prackup, MD, a board-certified radiologist, joins WESTMED’s Ridge Hill facility.

Eric Fishman, MD, a board-certified general surgeon, joins WESTMED’s Vascular Care Department at 1 Theall Road as a vascular surgeon.

August 2011
Physicians joining WESTMED on August 1st:

  • Irene Jong, MD, FACP, Internal Medicine at Ridge Hill.
  • Jeffrey M. Barr, MD, Dermatology at Ridge Hill and 1 Theall Rd., Rye.
  • Phoebe E. Harvey, MD, joining Hematology/Oncology with Dr. Stuart Feldman and Dr. Matthew Weissler.
  • Faisal Nagarwala, MBBS, Urgent Care at 1 Theall Rd., 210 Westchester and Ridge Hill.
  • Arpan Goel MD, a board-certified general surgeon, comes aboard at our Ridge Hill facility on August 15th.
  • Adam H. Hamawy, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgery at Ridge Hill and 1 Theall Rd., Rye

September 2011
Elizabeth Odierna, MD joins WESTMED and the 1 Theall Road internal medicine team of Drs. Ceccarelli, Chhabra – Patel, George, Gharekhan, Herzog, Martimucci and Rothbart as a board certified internist and geriatrician.

Barry Shapiro, MD becomes WESTMED’s third otolaryngologist, joining Drs. Ross and Shen. He is a full-time board certified otolaryngologist who sees patients at the Ridge Hill office.

Martin D. Ortiz, MD, FACP, comes aboard as an Urgent Care physician at 1 Theall Rd., 210 Westchester and Ridge Hill. 

November 2011
Preeti Kishore, MBBS, with board certification in internal medicine and endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, becomes our endocrinologist at Ridge Hill.

Herbert F. Gretz, III, MD, board certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as gynecologic oncology, joins WESTMED with office hours at 210 Westchester Ave, 1 Theall Road and Ridge Hill.

December 2011
The internal medicine practice of Erika Krauss, DO and Judith Kulk, FNP becomes part of WESTMED, with offices at 4662 Boston Post Road, Pelham Manor.

Annie Oommen, MD, joins WESTMED and the breast surgery practice of Dr. Adora Fou, Lynn Josephson and Jacob Finkelstein and sees patients at the Ridge Hill office.

Julianne Palumbo, MD, is appointed an Urgent Care physician at Ridge Hill.

March 2012
WESTMED opens its fourth full-service office at 171 Huguenot Street in New Rochelle, near Trump Tower, on March 7.

Dr. Gus Michael, board certified internist and nephrologist, joins the internal medicine team at our New Rochelle office.

Dr. Herbert Schoen, a board-certified internist and gastroenterologist, joins the internal medicine team at the Ridge Hill office where he practices internal medicine only.

Maura L. Del Bene, NP, joins WESTMED as a full-time palliative medicine provider, located in the Ridge Hill office in the internal medicine suite. Ms. Del Bene’s palliative medicine practice includes advanced pain and symptom management, long-term planning and advanced decision making for patients who have been diagnosed with serious illness.

James Kirszrot, MD, an oculoplastics specialist, is now on board with the ophthalmology team at 1 Theall Road.

Rand Stack, MD, MBA, is a new member of the Radiology teams at 1 Theall Road and 171 Huguenot St.. 

April 2012
New to internal medicine at 3020 Westchester Avenue is Preston Lurie, MD.

Barbara Katzeff, MD, internist, joins the primary care physicians at 171 Huguenot St.

Rebecca A. Kleban, OB/GYN, comes aboard at 170 Maple Ave. and 171 Huguenot St.

The total number of physicians is 225. 

JUNE 2012
WESTMED welcomes an interventional radiologist to the practice, Dr. Mark Edelman, with offices at 210 Westchester Ave. and 1 Theall Road.

Thoracic surgeons Drs. Cynthia Chin and Todd Weiser now provide services to treat both surgical and non-surgical conditions of the organs and structures of the chest and chest wall. 

JULY 2012
Drs. David Janeway and Eliska Caneva, psychiatrists, come aboard in a new line of service for WESTMED, behavioral health. Their offices are located at 73 Market St. at Ridge Hill in Yonkers.

New to Dermatology is Dr. Edward Monk, a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon. He brings special expertise in a surgical technique to remove several types of skin cancers, and is based at 171 Huguenot St., New Rochelle.

Dr. Brian Cushin, general surgeon and hand surgeon, joins the Group as the second board-certified general surgeon in the practice. He sees patients at the Ridge Hill, 210 Westchester and New Rochelle offices.

Dr. Brenda Sullivan becomes the 12th board certified internist at the Ridge Hill office. 

Neurology welcomes Dr. Billy Yung, board certified neurologist, to the 210 Westchester Avenue and 171 Huguenot St., New Rochelle offices.
On August 29, the OB/GYN practice at 700 White Plains Road, Scarsdale, moves to Suite 270 on the same floor within the same building, and the address is 720 White Plains Road. 

WESTMED opens a Sleep Lab at 33 Davis Avenue, White Plains, under the direction of Dr. Bruno DiCosmo, pulmonologist.

Coming aboard at the 210 Westchester Avenue office is Dr. Caroline DeFilippo, MD, MPH, a new board certified internist with special expertise in asthma management programs. 

Dr. Heather Schultz, a part-time dermatologist, is seeing patients at the 73 Market Street, Ridge Hill, and 210 Westchester Avenue offices. She offers general medical dermatological services as well as cosmetic procedures.

We welcomed two new hospitalists at White Plains Hospital: Drs. Kristine Favila and Philip Huh.

New to the pathology team at 210 Westchester Avenue is Dr. Joseph S. Roy, a dermatopathologist.

Dr. Tamara Augustin becomes our part-time hospitalist at Greenwich Hospital, joining our full-time hospitalist, Dr. Adnan Diwan.

The total number of physicians is 250.