Protect Your Child – Getting Ready for a Healthy School Year

Released: 8/1/2017






After vacation and summer camp, it’s “back to reality” for parents with another school year starting and what seems like a million details to attend to.  One of them is to make sure your children’s vaccination records meets the requirements of the New York State Department of Health for New York residents or the Connecticut Department of Public Health in Connecticut before they head back to school.  


National Immunization Awareness Month in August is the perfect time to get in touch with your pediatrician and ensure you are up-to-date with your children’s immunizations. 


“Making sure your children are properly immunized will give them up to a 98 percent chance of avoiding many diseases,” said Dr. Monica Rieckhoff, WESTMED pediatrician.


If your child’s medical record indicates that he/she is due for a shot, your pediatrician’s office will work with you to set up a convenient appointment. Also, if your child is due for a physical exam, you can make that timely appointment for your son or daughter as well.


Use your child’s doctor as a resource to help you sort out the endless supply of information on immunizations. Ask about the risks and benefits of any vaccine for your child. Manufacturers must thoroughly test them before even submitting them to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for approval. 


The most common side effects of vaccines are mild pain, swelling and redness where the shot was given. Serious side effects from immunizations are extremely rare.


Not Required, But Recommended  

In addition to the vaccines required by the state, check with your child’s pediatrician for other important vaccination advice about shots recommended at certain ages. 


To schedule immunizations for your child, contact WESTMED’s pediatricians at the following offices: 210 Westchester Avenue, White Plains at (914) 682-0731; 1 Theall Road, Rye, at (914) 848-8900;171 Huguenot St., New Rochelle at (914) 607-4720;73 Market Street at Ridge Hill, Yonkers, at (914) 607-4730 and 644 W. Putnam, Greenwich at (203) 210-2815.