Our Newest Location by Executive Blvd.

Released: 5/22/2017



WESTMED has opened a new medical office in the newly renovated and historic Boyce Thompson Center at 1084bb North Broadway in Yonkers.


The former WESTMED OB/GYN offices at 1022 N. Broadway and 656 Yonkers Avenue, formerly known as Southern Westchester OB/GYN, have moved to the new location. 


In addition to the services of the OB/GYNs, this location will offer patients on-site diagnostic imaging, laboratory services, perinatology (the branch of obstetrics dealing with the period of time around childbirth) and urgent care—all under one roof. Imaging services will include 2D/3D mammography, X-rays for adults and pediatrics and ultrasound for high-risk Maternal-Fetal Medicine and breast imaging needs. 


The Center, which is being restored to its original character, will also include retail stores, a bank, restaurants and a hair salon. 


The new location at 1084 North Broadway, across from the Foxfire School, is accessible by taking Exit 9 off the Saw Mill Parkway to Executive Boulevard.


WESTMED looks forward to serving your healthcare needs at this new location.