Spring: Tips for Allergy Relief

Released: 4/20/2017


Dr. Avi Deener, WESTMED allergist, has the following spring allergy tips for you:


Pollens are small granules that come from plants and end up in the eyes,  nose and lungs.  The degree to which one can avoid having pollen reach or remain in these areas will impact how much you suffer during the season.  Here are some tips for those affected by the pollens of spring:



  • Shower to get pollens off of hair and change clothes at the end of the day.
  • Use saline in eyes and nose throughout the day to rinse pollens from mucus membranes
  • Pollen counts tend to be highest early in the morning. Try not to schedule your outdoor physical activity during peak pollen periods.



Also, it’s always easier to prevent symptoms than to try to quell them once they’ve started.  Follow pollen counts on news or weather stations or websites and be prepared on high-pollen-count days. Be sure to take your allergy medication BEFORE contact with pollens.  Make an appointment with your allergist as soon as possible to get on an effective regimen to prevent the previous years’ suffering.


For an appointment with a WESTMED allergist, call (914) 831-6850. Dr. Laura Mechanic sees patients at 3030 Westchester Avenue, Purchase, and Ridge Hill, Yonkers. Dr. Deener has appointments at 210 Westchester Avenue and 1 Theall Road, Rye.