Have You Made Your Wishes Known?

Released: 4/6/2017





WESTMED is a supporter of advance care planning, encouraging all patients age 18 and older to complete a Health Care Proxy.  National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD) in April brings it to a focus.  The day is now an entire week of events from April 16- 22nd  to emphasize the value of early decision making.


A proxy for everyone is our goal.  Having a Health Care Proxy (HCP) document is the first step to ensuring that the care you want is the care you get in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.


We are a local success collecting more than 250 advance directives per month through grassroots efforts in routine care.  Are you among them?  Your loved ones can’t act on your wishes unless they know what they are.


Have the conversation. Talk about your values and experiences, what’s important to you. It can be a bit scary at first, but it’s a great gift for the people who care about you.


If you already have a Health Care Proxy, mail it in to your primary care doctor any time in the month of April.


If you do not have a Health Care Proxy document, visit our patient information page to download a health care proxy document



Remember, you & your decisions matter.