Study: Exercise is Good for Body and Brain of Stroke Survivors

Released: 2/28/2017



15625685Results from a new study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh have found that a structured exercise program can help stroke survivors recover not only physically but mentally as well.

Dr. Billy Yung, WESTMED neurologist says, “We encourage starting physical therapy and exercise as early as possible after a stroke, as this improves physical recovery. Exercise is also generally good for heart health, lowering high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which reduces the risk of stroke. Now we have evidence that physical exercise improves cognitive recovery as well. This gives all the more reason to stay as physically active as possible after a stroke. “

The analysis of 13 clinical trials at the University of Pittsburgh involving 639 recovering stroke patients found that exercise therapy was generally good for their vital mental processes such as thinking, learning, understanding and remembering. A stroke, which cuts off blood flow to the brain, can impair those abilities.

For further information from the American Stroke Association spokesperson and Lauren Oberlin, MS, the graduate student who led the study, visit MedlinePlus here.