Weight Loss Tips for 2017

Released: 1/17/2017



 Some great tips for losing weight in the new year from the WESTMED Comprehensive Weight Loss Center team.


 -Come up with goals that are attainable as opposed to something that is not within reach. For example, starting with a 5-10 percent weight loss goal is attainable for most people


  -Be specific. For example, start with specific goals such as walking for 15 minutes every day or having at least 2 servings of vegetables daily


  -Shape goals by starting with something attainable and working up to desired goal


  -Carve out time in your day (even if it is small pieces of time) by planning ahead to achieve your goals


  -Have a strong support system; your friends, family, colleagues can help to encourage you to stay on track


  -Occasional lapses are normal but, don’t get derailed by them; continue to move forward


  -Find ways to be accountable to yourself. Example: keep online or written food and exercise logs—check your weight regularly



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