The Effectiveness of Weight Loss Treatments

Released: 12/14/2016


Dr. Nitya Sharma, director of WESTMED’s Comprehensive Weight Loss Center, has the following response to the December 12th New York Times article about how the effectiveness of weight loss treatments will vary from one person to another.


“As an obesity medicine specialist, I have come to understand that the cause of overweight or obesity in people varies immensely. Whether it's medication-related, genetic, environmental or medically induced, it is important that the treatment plan be tailored to each person.


Recognizing the variability in obesity, our team of specialists at the Comprehensive Weight Loss Center individualize their approach to the treatment of obesity as opposed to using a ”one size fits all” approach.


As the article suggests, ‘there can be many paths to the same outcome,’ but not all paths or treatments work for every patient. In other words, the treatment of obesity is not simple.


In fact, there can be a bit of ‘trial and error’ with each treatment plan before we find the best solution for weight loss for each patient.


The current treatment for obesity includes lifestyle interventions (diet, exercise and behavior modification), weight loss medications and bariatric surgery. Even among these treatments,  patients' responses can vary. Weight loss treatments, whether diet or medication(s), can change throughout the course of a patient’s treatment to achieve the best results.”


The New York Times article can be found here.