Grilling and Barbeque Safety

Released: 7/5/2016

Heading out with the family to scenic park picnic grounds? The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service and the FDA are out with simple food safety guidelines for transporting your food (be it hot or cold) to the picnic site, and preparing and serving it safely once you've arrived.


From the FDA: Quick Tips for Picnic Site Prep:

Food safety begins with proper hand cleaning. Before you begin setting out your picnic feast, make sure hands and surfaces are clean. If you don’t have access to running water, simply use a water jug, some soap, and paper towels. Or, consider using moist disposable towelettes for cleaning your hands. And take care to keep all utensils and platters clean when preparing food.


From the USDA: Cooking Tips:

Prevent food-related illnesses when grilling. Separate raw meats from other foods by using different cutting boards. Cook foods to the right temperature by using a food thermometer. And, last but not least, chill raw and prepared foods promptly. Adopt these tips for cooking indoors as well.  


Remember: No matter where you’re grilling, keep small children a safe distance from hot BBQ grills and outdoor fireplaces. Always watch the grill when in use and keep pets away from it as well. 


Here’s much more on:



  • Packing and transporting food safely to picnic sites
  • Picnic site “prep” to ensure surfaces are clean
  • Grilling tips and temperatures
  • Serving hot and cold picnic food



By following simple food safety guidelines, picnicking should be a “walk the park."