WESTMED Diabetes Education Program Earns ADA Recognition

Released: 6/9/2016


WESTMED Medical Group is pleased to announce that its Diabetes Education Program recently earned the American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certificate for its outstanding approach to helping patients manage their diabetes.  ADA believes that this program offers high-quality education that is an essential component of effective diabetes treatment.




The ADA certification helps ensure that educational programs meet criteria outlined by the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs.  




WESTMED’s Diabetes Education Program voluntarily applied for ADA certification.  In addition to offering exceptional education to its patients, the program’s knowledgeable and highly skilled healthcare professionals give patients the comprehensive guidance they need to manage their diabetes day in and day out.




 “The process for achieving recognition gives diabetes educators a national standard for measuring the quality of services they provide, and, of course, it assures the patient that he/she will receive high-quality service,” says Maureen Adams, senior director of nursing and director, clinical operations and case management.




There are 29.1 million people or 9.3 percent of the population in the United States who have diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association. While an estimated 21 million have been diagnosed, unfortunately, 8.1 million people are not aware that they have this disease. Each day approximately 4,657 people are diagnosed with diabetes. Many will first learn that they have diabetes when they are treated for one of its life-threatening complications – heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and nerve disease and amputation.  




For more information about the program or to schedule an appointment with the WESTMED Diabetes Education Program, please call (914) 831-4150 today.  




Our certified diabetes educator, Barbara DiLello-Smith, RN, CDE, CPT sees patients at:  210 Westchester Avenue, 1 Theall Road, Ridge Hill and 3030 Westchester Avenue.