Today is National Day of Action for High Blood Pressure Prevention

Released: 5/5/2016


It’s the third year that WESTMED and 150 medical groups and health systems nationwide have joined in May 5th as a Day of Action for high blood pressure prevention in the “Measure Up/Pressure Down” campaign. It asks people to pose the question to themselves, “how do I measure up” and “what will I do to manage my blood pressure today?” An estimated one in three (68 million) Americans have the high BP.

“Organizations in ‘Measure Up/Pressure Down’ had the goal of getting 80 percent of their patients with high BP under control by December 2015,” said Dr. Caroline DeFilippo, WESTMED Medical Group’s associate director for internal medicine. “WESTMED has measured up well by achieving an 84 percent success rate by that target date.”

Dr. DeFilippo explains, “And, even though the campaign has officially ended, it is clear that WESTMED providers and patients are committed to this important message as shown by this very high and sustained level of success.”

In the U.S. collectively, participating groups and systems deliver care to more than 42 million patients. To date, the “Measure Up/Pressure Down” campaign has improved hypertension detection and control for over half a million patients, according to the AMGA Foundation. This nonprofit arm of the American Medical Group Association launched the 3-year campaign to improve care and reduce the health risk of high blood pressure in November 2012.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and other serious health problems.

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