Winter Weight Loss Slump

Released: 2/29/2016

Many factors make it difficult to lose weight during the winter. Unless you’re into a winter sport, there is more time spent indoors with more motivation required to get moving to prevent the pounds from creeping on and staying on.

With the winter months, there’s an increase in melatonin, which has been found to act on appetite, and you may be tempted to eat more. Less exposure to Vitamin D from sunlight also can hurt weight loss efforts because it has been found to slow down fat breakdown and trigger fat storage.

You may see gradual weight gain in wintertime, and it is not harmless. Studies show that people who gain weight as they age have a greater risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. For women, did you know that Alzheimer Disease risk increases by 36% at age 70 for every unit increase in your BMI?

You are more likely to prevent weight gain, and even lose weight, if you:

Do cardiovascular exercise indoors, such as running in place, working out to videos, dancing “as if no one is watching”.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of processed chips, crackers and sugary treats.

Take short walks outside to boost your Vitamin D levels, or add Vitamin D-rich foods, such as fish with the omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon. Egg yolks are in this category too!

Have the support of co-workers, family, and friends.

Develop a supportive environment for healthy eating and activity AND

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