PET-CT Scanning Now at 3030

Released: 6/9/2015

Pet Scan Image WESTMED’s first PET/CT scanner, the GE Discovery 610, is now in operation at 3030 Westchester Avenue, Purchase.  The combination of a PET scanner and computed tomography (CT) in a single device with 64-slice technology improves diagnostic accuracy and helps with staging and treatment planning for cancer patients,” said Dr. Barney Newman, WESTMED’s Medical Director.


“It allows oncologists to modify treatment strategies without waiting for physical results,” added Dr. Newman.  “More effective therapy may improve our patients’ quality of life and overall outcome as well as reduce the cost burden of ineffective treatment.”


In addition, the CT scanner is used for calcium scoring scans.  This test measures the quantity of calcium deposits in the heart, especially deposits in the coronary arteries, which increase a patient’s risk for a heart attack.  Calcium score testing is considered a more accurate predictor of coronary artery disease than standard cholesterol screening tests.


This imaging technology will primarily be used by oncologists and cardiologists, but WESTMED primary care physicians will be able to order scans using the GE Discovery 610 as well. 


Currently, none of WESTMED’s other full-service sites have this equipment.