Breast Biopsies

Released: 3/18/2015

WESTMED’s breast surgeons Drs. Adora Fou, Dr. Lynn Josephson, Dr. Annie Oomen and Dr. Jacob Finkelstein have the following response to the  March 17, 2015 New York Times article about breast biopsies:  

“We at WESTMED realize the importance of correct diagnosis of breast pathology. WESTMED’s Comprehensive Breast Center has been leading the community in breast health care.  A breast needle biopsy is the gold standard of minimally invasive diagnosis of abnormalities seen on mammogram, breast ultrasound or breast MRI. The core needle biopsy saves many women from needing an open surgical excision.  Here at WESTMED, when a biopsy is done and sent to pathology, two certified breast-specific pathologists look at each sample to reach a consensus diagnosis. These pathologist are very familiar with breast pathology because they diagnose breast cancers and atypia (abnormal, but not cancerous, duct cells) every day.  We strive for the best care of our breast patients from every department. If you have any questions, please always call and ask your provider.”